Never love a foreigner

Never love a foreignerLibro en Inglés.

Género: Romántico

Mary O´Neill, a young Irish woman from a stringent Catholic background, arrives on the Costa del Sol with a work contract of three months. Immediately all kind of different problems arise. Forewarned, the serious, responsible Mary is determined to keep the Spanish ´Don Juans´ at a prudent distance. But to cite an old proverb ´Man proposes and God disposes! One of these conquerors not only comes close to her but also manages to dismantle the protective armour she habitually wears around her heart. From then on, her life is converted into a bed of roses with, of course, its corresponding thorns. NEVER LOVE A FOREIGNER is the funniest, most tender and moving of all the novels to flow from Andrés Fornells pen. EL CRÍTICO.
Primera Edición 2009

200 páginas
ISBN: 978-1-4092-4966-5

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